Sunday, May 2, 2010

WHATSOEVER YOU DO: Giving a Hand to Those in Need

Not sure where liberals or “progressives” got the idea that conservatives don’t care about the needy but conservative Republicans believe in family, neighborhood, church, and community. What we DON’T believe in, however, is creating a culture of dependency. In Colorado, if you hit hard times you can bet your neighbors or church will help out. But eventually, you will take care of yourself. That is the goal, not abject reliance on the government.

There’s not a rancher out there who hasn’t hit hard times and had meals or wood or hay or help show up on his doorstep. When Pastor Troy of Steamboat Christian Center set a goal to raise a ton of food by Thanksgiving, our community raised four. We do not forget those who need help; in fact, we take responsibility for our less fortunate. And then we expect them to help themselves, and others.

  • Tell us a story about how you helped out a less fortunate friend or neighbor;
  • How has your neighborhood or community responded to the needs of the less fortunate?


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Bob Conder said...

Our community in Norwood, Co, has a food bank that is run from a local Baptist Church that distributes food to the needy in our community. Other churches support the food bank and many of these churches run their own food bank as well. We know of one ministry in this county who has volunteer plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc. that help widows with projects that need done. We do not need the Feds to interfere with us.