Monday, October 4, 2010


In Colorado, we know how to do this. We know how to work the land, create energy, put people to work, help those in need, and provide cost effective health care. At what point did the federal government decide it could do a better job by making us dependent? How did we let the government just throw more and more money at problems, creating mandates and laws that make it harder for us to do what we do best – take care of ourselves, and give a hand up to others?

We know how to do this. Neighborhoods, rural ranching communities, small towns and cities in Western and Southern Colorado already know what needs to be done. And I’m about to prove that to the government.

Below I’ve created five categories where the feds have gotten into our business: job creation, energy resource management, health care, small business regulation, and helping the less fortunate. The government has thrown billions of dollars around, trying to “fix” what we know how to mend already. Let’s show them how it’s done in Colorado. I WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORIES about how you, your neighbors, and your community have done just fine in your way, helping yourselves and others. Our goal is let the nation see how we do it out here where neighbors look after each other. We will be an inspiration to the rest of the country and our stories will show the government that they can keep their money and their mandates. We don’t want it. We know how to do this.

  • TEACH A MAN TO FISH: Creating Jobs
  • THE LAND OF THE LOAVES AND FISHES: Energy Resources and Management
  • COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE: The Grand Junction Model
  • WHATSOEVER YOU DO: Helping the Less Fortunate
  • INVENTING VELCRO: Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Please write your story in the COMMENT section, or e-mail me directly. Let’s tell the federal government to back off, give us free rein, and we’ll show you how it’s done. BE A PART OF THE STORY OF COLORADO. BE A PART OF THE NEW STORY OF AMERICA.